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Academic Programs 

Summer 2021


The Commercial Township School District seeks to provide summer programs that:

  1. increase achievement opportunities for students
  2. are responsive to students’ needs after a school year disrupted by COVID-19 
  3. promote students to be lifelong readers


In-person Programs

Based on growth and attendance criteria, in-person programs are strongly encouraged for some students. 


Y Achievers
Location: Commercial Twp. School
For: Gr. 1-4   
Details: 6 weeks, M-F, 9:00-3:00, July 12 - Aug. 20

Transportation: provided by CTS  
Meals: breakfast & lunch provided
More Info: register here 


Century 21 Program
Location: Commercial Twp. School     
For: Gr. 4-8                                                
Details: 6 weeks, M-F, 9:00-12:00, June 28 - Aug. 6       

Transportation: provided by CTS
Meals: breakfast & lunch provided
More Info: register here 


Extended School Year
Location: Commercial Township School 
For: IEP students who qualify
Details: 4 weeks, M-F, 9:0-12:00,  July 12 - Aug. 6  

Transportation: provided by CTS
Meals: breakfast & lunch provided
More Info: contact case manager


Virtual Summer School

Based on grade and attendance criteria, 5th Marking Period is a requirement for some students in grades 5-8 to be promoted to the next grade. The program is completely virtual. Students take math and language arts in order to be promoted.


5th Marking Period
Gr. 5-8 students with 18 or more absences
Gr. 5-8 students lacking passing grades in 3 or more core courses

Details: computer-based with live teacher support      

Transportation: N/A 
More Info: register here



Mission Impossible is a reading program open to all students in PK to Grade 3. Reading has been tagged the single best literacy activity for children to ensure achievement. This program is designed to immerse both readers and “not yet” readers with engaging texts to build skills and to promote a love for reading. 


Mission Impossible
For: PK - Gr. 3                              
Tuesdays in July (6,13,20,27) 

Other Info:
Students receive a March Madness style bracket (with books instead of teams). The bracket has 4 quadrants. Each week students come to school to pick up/exchange books in a quadrant. Students read and determine which book wins the ‘Best Book’ in the student’s opinion. Students keep favorites for their personal at-home library!

Transportation: parent/guardian
More Info: register here