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Child Study Team

Director of Special Services
Tyler Day
(856) 785-0840 ext. 2128


Speech Therapist  
Patrice Curtis
(856) 785-2333

Physical Therapist
Julia McGlynn
(856) 785-2333 

Occupational Therapist
(856) 785-2333

Child Find
Preschool Children and Students Ages 3 through 21

If you are concerned that your preschool child or student is developing or learning differently, you can call your public school district’s child study team.

A child study team member will answer the questions you may have. If you would like to request an evaluation for special education and related services, send a written request for an evaluation to your district. Electronic mail may not be used to submit requests to school officials regarding referral, identification, evaluation, classification and the provision of a free, appropriate public education. Include your child’s name, age, address and suspected or known disability.

After receiving your written request, the district’s child study will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your concerns. At this meeting, you and the team will decide if an evaluation is needed and, if needed, what the evaluation will include. To the maximum extent appropriate preschoolers and students with disabilities receive their education with children who are not disabled.

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