Week 3


Haleyville-Mauricetown School
Grade Level           Assignments/Tasks
Preschool Preschool Week 3_compressed
Kindergarten – Etter & Dunn Kindergarten Week 3 and 4 Lesson Plan March 30-April 9
Kindergarten Choice Board
K – Math Practice Book_compressed
Kindergarten – Hayden kindergarten hayden
First Grade First Grade Choice Board
Second Grade Content Math & Science-compressed
Third Grade *all third-grade assignments will be posted daily in Google Classroom
Fourth Grade- Clark  Clark- 4th Gr. Distance Learning- Week 3 Math (1)
Clark- 4th Gr. Distance Learning- Week 3 ELA (2)
Fourth Grade- Solomon/Knight *assignments for Solomon/Knight will be posted on our Google Classroom- all students also received a paper copy of assignments
4th Distance Learning_ Math_Science 3_30
4th Distance Learning_ Language Arts_ Humanities 3_30
Fifth Grade *Please log into your google classroom for all of your assignments.
Mrs. Ellis
Miss Wozniak  All Week 3 work were sent home in bookbags. Read & work on math facts with materials that were sent in week 1 envelope.
Mrs. O’Connell Week 3
Ms. Givens  All lessons will be posted daily daily in ClassDojo and Google Classroom
HMS Music
Grades 3-5
Using the above YouTube link take this fun quiz and see if you can identify these notes that are found on the G clef. Remember the space notes are: FACE; the line notes are: EGBDF. Once complete, compose a story using the following words and spell them on the staff when you use the word.
Have fun and use your IMAGINATION!!!
HMS Physical Education Please see Google Classroom
If you need access, email:
HMS Spanish Grades 3-5  Please see Google Classroom
HMS Technology Grades 3-5  Please see Google Classroom for mindful activities
Port Norris School
PNS Social Studies- 6th Grade  Grade 6 Social Studies Week 3
PNS Social Studies- 7th Grade  Grade 7 Social Studies Week 3
PNS Social Studies- 8th Grade  Grade 8 Social Studies Week 3
PNS Science- 6th Grade  Grade 6 –Week 3 PDF Cover Sheet Extra! extra!
PNS Science- 7th Grade  Week 3 —7th Grade Extra! Extra PDF Cover Sheet
PNS Science- 8th Grade  8th Grade Week 3 Cover Sheet Extra! extra!
PNS Math- 6th Grade  6th Grade Math Distance Learning Lesson for 3_30_20 – Google Docs
PNS Math- 7th Grade 7th grade Math for Distance Learning 3_30 – Google Docs
PNS Math – 8th
Same for Algebra
8th grade Math for Distance Learning 3_30_20 – Google Docs
PNS ELA- 6th Grade Week 3 6th grade ELA (3_30_2020) Learning Task for Home Instruction – Brockman (1)
PNS ELA- 7th Grade  Week 3_ 7th ELA
PNS ELA – 8th Grade  Week 3_ 8th ELA
PNS Social Skills from Mr. Egnor Distance Learning_ Learning Task Egnor 3_30-4_3
PNS Mrs. Johnson 3_23 Johnson Distance Learning_ Learning Task
2Johnson Distance Learning_ Learning Task
PNS Mrs. Loteck  Loteck – Week of 3.30.20 Math
Loteck – Week of 3.30.20 SS (1)
Loteck – Week of 3.30.20 LAL
Loteck – Week of 3.30.2020
PNS Mr. Jones *Please complete Week 2 assignments
PNS Physical Education 6th health lesson week 3 – Google Docs
7-8 health lesson week 3 – Google Docs
Copy of PE lesson week 3 – Google Docs
PNS Music *Assignments are posted on Mr. Webster’s Google Classroom
Maurice Ravel: Bolero / Gustavo Dudamel conducts the Wiener Philharmoniker   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mhhkGyJ092E

Listen to the following YouTube links provided:
Claude Debussy- “Clair de Lune”
Maurice Ravel – “Bolero”
Please write your Impressions of the music and what feelings come to mind as you listen. Both paragraphs should be no more than 200 words
PNS Spanish *Google Classroom